A Matter of Family

She met him in jail.

He was 19.

They struck up a friendship–him from a family of thieves, her from a family of nuns.

“Anything we needed, we stole,” he said.

“Anything?” said Sister Marietta.


He’d been doing it since three years of age–breaking into houses.

“My dad, he’d drop me through basement windows," he said. “I’d find the back door, reach the lock, and bingo!”

His dad, too, spent lots of time in jail. And was an alcoholic.

It’s a common through-line. Crime as a family profession, alcohol as a family addiction. And if not alcohol, drugs.

Sister Marietta Fritz has the data. Not on spreadsheets, but in 50 years of experience.

Read more about Sister Marietta Fritz, and how her work has made a difference in the lives of nearly 1,000 people. Some behind bars, she’s visited for 15 years running. Some who have lived in her half-way houses, for years at a time – learning to stay sober, learning a skill, appreciating health free from drugs and alcohol.

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